Farewell Vietnam

As Robert Burns so aptly wrote in his poem To A Mouse and John Steinbeck used so effectively for the title of his novel;

The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men,
Gang aft agley, (often go awry)

It’s all change for us.

ML has been fighting what we thought was an infection for the last three weeks. Finally, yesterday he was driven 2 hours to the hospital. Turns out he’s been quietly growing an abscess. We are now flying home Tuesday so he can have an operation.

This now means I have a only a couple of days to pack the house up and get everything sorted, ML is in so much pain that I don’t think he will be able to do much.

And so our adventure ends somewhat more abruptly than we had hoped but you don’t mess around with your health.

ML and I have loved our time here, We’ve made some wonderful friends seen some amazing sights, been lucky enough to immerse ourself in the culture of a country and get to know the people. We’ve shared their food, been invited to celebrate festivals with them, attend a wedding and observe a funeral.

We’ve seen how the seasons affect their lives and how much work goes into producing their food. We’ve watched a house be built, the fields being ploughed and the harvest brought in. We’ve shared in the history of this country and been lucky enough to visit some of its historical and beautiful buildings.

Not only do I have the photographs that I have always taken but nearly 120 blog entries which contain the minute details of our life here for me to look back on.

I hope that you have enjoyed the journey with both ML and I and having enjoyed writing this blog so much I will no doubt do the same wherever we end up next. Thank you for sharing this journey with us and I will leave you with some of my favourite photographs.


IMG_6052 picstitch (5)picstitch (7)

picstitch (10) Iridescent Clouds 3

Ngoc Son Temple 1 Overloaded Bikes Vietnam 8

Misty Rural Vietnam 2 36 Streets Hanoi 5

Vietnamese Wedding 7 Funeral Procession Vietnam 2

Water Puppets Hanoi 2 Water Puppets Hanoi 6

Temple of Literature 13 Temple of Literature 11

Jelly Fish Catch Hai Hoa Beach 1 Funeral Procession Vietnam 1

Vietnamese shopkeepers 2 Builders in Vietnam 8

Hanoi Streets Hanoi Trees in Bloom

Hanoi Night Market Stalls 2 Hanoi Night Market Stalls 1

Huc Bridge Hanoi Common Crow Caterpillar

IMG_1877 Kite Flying Vietnam 2

Sunrise June 2 (800x800)Sunrise 2 (1024x1024)

These are just a tiny fraction of the photographs I have taken and used in the blogs, they are an important factor in the blogs, equally as important as the words I write and on a number of occasions definitely more eloquent.

Goodbye and thank you

Grizabella and My Love

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